Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You are God's Favorite

Last night while attending church house, we sang a worship song with a line that states that I'm God's favorite one. A few days before, the devotional I was reading was talking about how one of Satan's biggest lies to us is "You are a nobody. You are not worth anything." and how we must realize we are important to God.

This idea of being God's favorite is a new concept for me. I've always known I was important to God and that He loved me. However, I've never thought of being God's favorite. We are not only loved by God, we are as important and valuable to Him and His Kingdom as anyone else, even someone like Paul or Moses. We must always remember that God loves us just as much as any other Christian. We are ALL His favorite! Don't ever let that voice of Satan in your mind convince you of anything else.

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