Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pro-Life Sites

As some of you may noticed, the silent cries of aborted babies has been heavy on my heart lately. This is actually something that has been on my heart for many years. As I've become a mother myself (I have three little darlings) and miscarried once, this has become an even heavier burden for me.

I've been looking into different organizations/movements lately as I feel the Lord leading me to take a more active stand. I believe we should take a stand for the Lord, however we must be careful not to be "in your face" obnoxious. That never changes anyone's minds and in the end, the only real way to end abortion is not to change the laws, but to change people's hearts. (Don't get me wrong, I want the laws to change, but realistically I know this will not end the killing of innocent lives).

Here are some sites I've come across lately that I wanted to share with each of you which I will be adding to my sidebar.

This is the movement I wrote about awhile back. It is a grassroots movement that does silent sieges and is actively praying for the Lord to end abortion and change people's hearts.

Operation Outcry
This is a project "to end legal abortion by exposing the truth about its devastating impact on women and families" They are dedicated to exposing what they believe are the two largest lies regarding abortion. That it is safe for women and that it is not a baby being aborted. They are working to accomplish this through prayer and the testimonies of mothers who have been affected by these lies. This is a project of the Justice Foundation. (Thank you Carla for this link!)

A Cry Without A Voice
This site is still under construction, but you can read more about it here until the site is up and running. This is led by a women named Rebecca Porter. Mothers who have aborted their babies choose a pair of baby shoes and attach a card of commemoration. These shoes have been on display in the US, Israel and Holland. When I read this page and saw the picture of the shoes and card Rebecca did for her son, I wept. We've been told so many lies about how abortion is a choice that harms nobody. We can't even begin to imagine the extent of the damage physically, emotionally and spiritually that is caused by this "choice".

This is a bit more "in your face" than the other sites, but I'm listing it because it has some very valuable information regarding the truth behind abortion and what it really is. Please be aware there are some very graphic images and information on this site, however I think it is information we all really need to be aware of.

If you are aware of other noteworthy sites, please let me know. I'm going to start a "Choose Life" Resources section on my blog.


Wolfie said...

I came across this site -

Carla said...

I am sitting here crying. Just met my ladies from Operation Outcry. I am humbled by the whole experience and our voices will be heard! I appreciate this so much. THANK YOU!

Ang said...


Thank you. I'll be adding that site to my sidebar as well.


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Rebecca said...

LOL, Practical, you are funny...and if all else fails, Ang, you can email me and I will give it to you....LOL!!!!!