Monday, July 07, 2008

Edge of Eternity - book recommendation

I recently read a book called Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn. I happened to pick up this book because I had recently read his book Lord Foulgrin's Letters (I also recommend this) which is very similar to C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Basically he took the concept and elaborated a bit more (read his introduction in the book for more information on this).

It is a bit funny because I'm also currently reading a nonfiction book by Randy Alcorn called Heaven. This book is very enlightening and I highly recommend it. It is very large and goes into detail as to what scripture says about Heaven and what it will be like. Until reading it I had not realized how little I really thought about Heaven and how little I actually yearn and look forward to my time there. This is important since it is where I'm going to be spending eternity.

But I digress. Edge of Eternity reminded me of Pilgrim's Progress, but the walk being taken is not just the character's Christian walk. It includes the walk prior to becoming a Christian as well. The main character Nick Seagrave is a successful businessman who has recently lost his family due to his drive to succeed at all costs. One night he is caught in a storm and finds himself in a world unlike any he has known before. He finds himself walking a road that is between two realities, the reality of the Earth we know and the spiritual realm many of us rarely if ever give any thought to.

This book is a very good read that will make you think about your current walk in life, regardless of where you may be at this time. I finished the book in one weekend and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some good fiction that is thought provoking and will encourage you to dig deeper in your intimacy with the Lord.

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