Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love Dare

A group that I'm part of just finished going through the Love Dare. Part way through I decided to go out and buy the book for myself. I think this book can be an amazing tool for marriage and even daily living and your relationship with God. It can be applied to more than just your marriage. I've decided I want to make this more than just a 40 Day Dare though. I want to spend more than one day on each dare, so I think this is going to be more like a 120 day dare for me. In addition, I think it is something that would be a great reminder once or twice a year.

So, I'm going to start this book again on my own giving each dare a few days to sink in and become a normal part of my daily life. In addition, I'm going to start two other things:

1. A journal to my beloved husband. Ideally, I pray one day I can give this to him and he can read it (and I hope cherish it). For now, it will be a way for me to record the next 120 or so days as I do this dare. To really express to him how I'm feeling about the dares, how much I love him and anything else that I believe should be shared.

2. Blog - I'm going to blog some of my thoughts for each dare on my Thankful Heart blog. So if you are interested in how these dares can change a marriage, a life - please visit me. I'll be as transparent as I can without sharing things that I believe should be just between my beloved and I.

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