Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Begining to Let Go

Today I started the first step in letting go. My eldest child (my only daughter) started kindergarten. She was excited and I was excited for her, however I did not think it would be all that emotional for me.

On the first day the teacher wanted one parent to stay in the classroom for the first hour. Shaun stayed home with the boys and I took Tyler to her first day of school. As I watched her interact with the other kids and her teacher I felt that motherly pride swell my heart. No surprise there. But then all of a sudden another feeling surfaced. Quite rapidly, too! One minute I was standing there watching her answer one of the teacher's questions and the next my eyes started to well up. Mom actually almost lost it!

But I pulled myself together and finished up my hour. She is so excited and having lots of fun. Mom & Dad are very proud. My first baby is growing up!

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