Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Monster - Monster Moose

Written for Sunday Scribblings

This is my current monster. Shaun calls him Moose because he is so stocky. He is my loveable, cuddly monster.

Why do I call him my monster? Well, Austin turns two next month (anyone who has ever had a boy that age, understands, I'm sure!) Don't get me wrong. I love him immensely and would do anything to protect him, but he is a MONSTER!!! And he knows it. Unfortunately he knows that he is a CUTE monster.

He loves to make people laugh, so when determining whether he is going to do something he knows he'll get in trouble for, he'll usually look around first to see if he thinks anyone will laugh at him. You see, for Monster Moose (aka Austin) if he can make someone laugh, the punishment is worth it!

You get so frustrated with him, but at the same time you continue to love on him because he is just so darn adorable!!

I guess he's just like his Daddy!!

Speaking of Daddy. Here is an example of our wonderful Monster. He was hitting our couch the other day and scratching it. It is leather so we really did not want Austin doing this. Daddy told him to stop and started counting to three. Austin knows daddy means business when he starts to count. At three he is in BIG TROUBLE!!!

Daddy - "One. . . Two. . ."

At this point Austin stops, looks at daddy and runs around to the back of the couch. (Now the couch is between Daddy and Austin)

"Three, daddy! Three!!" the Monster shouts as he gives the innocent couch one more slap.

At times like this we are at a loss for words or what to do next. Actually I think Daddy was pretty mad, but Mommy had to run out of the room so the Monster did not see the smirk that was creeping across her face or hear the snort that came out of her mouth as she tried not to laugh. I did not want his forthcoming punishment to be rewarded!


hundred and one said...

oooooh, what a cute, cuddly little monster!

Anonymous said...

Strange how the traits pass from family member to family member. Austin reminds me of your brother Jason at times. Hugs, Mom