Saturday, June 30, 2007

God speaks through our Children

(Cross post on Ang4him - A Moment in My Life)

Tuesday night I was dealing with some issues which I shared with my House Church. You see, I know God loves me in my head, but sometimes it does not always translate to my heart. I have trouble seeing myself as the beautiful and beloved daughter that He sees me as. I tend to be very hard on myself and this is one of my struggles.

Anyway, Tuesday night we were teaching the kids about worship and Tyler drew the picture below. She said while we were singing, she had closed her eyes and God had told her to draw this picture for me and to tell me that Jesus love me.

So she obeyed. It is amazing how God can speak to us even through our own children. Maybe that is easier for Him at times, because they are more trusting and obedient to Him. My daughter did what He asked without questioning it at all. Myself and many adults I know would worry about whether it was really God who spoke or was it just in my head? Will I look stupid? and so on and so on.

Just another way we need to become as the little children to know Him better!

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