Saturday, June 30, 2007

More on the 7 churches & the Ephesus Church

I think some have misconstrued why I'm writing about the seven churches in Revelation. Do I think what God is revealing to me right now is all there is to it? No way! I believe God in His inifinite knowledge reveals a little to us at a time based on where we are in our life at that time.

What I am writing is what God is revealing to me right now, which is why I encourage everyone else to read these letters. Jesus wrote these to the churches and they were included in God's Word for us to learn from them. God's Word is to point us to our Lord and a deeper relationship with Him.

He specifically pointed out items for which he praised and rebuked each church. I don't believe anything in God's Word is insignificant. I want to know what a letter to my church would say if God was to write one. For what things would He say "Well done, good and faithful servant" and for what things would He say "No, the path is here, come this way."

With that being said, my notes being posted on each of these letters is just the surface of what God is teaching me at this point in my life. I do believe that we can not pinpoint each of these "churches" to our churches now, because I believe we all have a little bit of each in us. However, I do believe we can draw parallels to our day and from that learn where God is pleased with us and where we may need to make some changes.

I do not believe that good deeds, righteousness and holiness are bad things. Exactly the opposite. However, I do believe we must be careful to ensure when we do these things our focus must be on God and our reasons must be because we love the Lord. It is very easy to start doing these things because we think it is what is required to "please" God or because we think we are more righteous than someone else. Our focus in ALL we do must be God. He made it very clear in His Word that we must be holy and righteous, but He also made it very clear that all our good deeds done for the wrong reason are detestable in His sight.

So with that I will continue to share with you what God has revealed to me about these seven churches. My notes at the end are to help me put what He is teaching me in more perspective for myself. To make something kind of abstract more concrete in my own mind. I love the church in the US, however I am also realistic in recognizing we have a lot of problems. I can't change the entire church in the US, but I can change myself and my little personal church that I am part of. If each of us was to do so, imagine what would happen in this country!

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