Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Stone Unturned - Joni Ames

I received this via email today and found it very encouraging. So I wanted to share it with you. I pray you'll find it encouraging as well today as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

(A Resurrection Sunday poem)
- Joni Ames

So many stumbling blocks I found
Upon the path I trod
It seemed I walked an endless road
As I cried out to God

"Oh Lord, My God, are you not there?"
I said to Him one day
"Do you not see me standing here
Or hear the prayers I pray?"

"Father, where are all the things
You promised once to me?
Where are the things I had faith for?
Where is my victory?"

"Patience, child," I heard Him say
"Endure now to the end
Remember I am on your side
And I call you My friend"

"Did I not spare three men of God
From furnace and from flame?
Do you not know I care for you
For whom I'll do the same?"

"Did I not shut the lion's jaws
For Daniel in the den?
Do you think I don't care for you
But only for those men?"

"I told you, have faith as a grain
Of mustard seed and see
That, as you speak, a mountain moves
And falls into the sea"

"These, the things you see today
Shall pass and fade away
And you SHALL see my victory
And answers as you pray"

"Wait for just a little more
Your answers are at hand
Do not quit - it's almost time
For victory in your land"

"I'm not slack as some men are
For I'm Almighty, True
And I SHALL bring EACH thing to pass
That I have promised you"

"Remember, My Son had to die
And see the depths of hell
But then He rose to victory
And there was praise to tell"

"It seemed that death had taken Him
No future to be found
But those three days, I worked, unseen,
And captives were un-bound"

"Know I do the same for you
I quiet now each fear
Know I hear each prayer you breathe
And count your every tear"

"See that stone upon the tomb?
It stands, but not for long
For soon, each plan will drop in place
Right where it should belong"

"Do not fear now as you see
That all your life is churned
But watch and see all stones removed -
I leave NO stone un-turned" "

The stones or stumbling blocks you see
Are nothing now to ME
For soon, yours too, will roll away
And YOU'll have VICTORY!"


Happy Resurrection Sunday!
Love in Jesus,
Joni Ames

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