Monday, March 08, 2010

Gone for so long

Wow - it has been awhile since I've posted on any of my blogs.  A few reasons for that are... well, many of them honestly are just excuses.

Work has been crazy - we just acquired a new company and that has things a hopping for me right now.

Kids - of course, they are always keeping me on my toes.  Homeschooling two this year and trying to keep up on all that entails.  And then our middle child (5 year old) is starting t-ball.  Fun, fun, fun - and sooo entertaining.

Housecleaning - actually this one is not much of an excuse because to be honest I feel I'm barely even keeping my head above water.  I do the necessities such as dishes, keeping the living room and kitchen clean enough to avoid attracting unwanted varmits and I do laundry.  Although that does not always get folded and put away timely - there have been many mornings where you'll find the five of us digging through a large pile of clean laundry looking for something to wear!

Facebook - yes, I'm a bit ashamed to say this has been taking up some of my time, more than it should.  It is a wonderful tool for visiting with and sharing things about the kids with my family members who don't live where I do (almost all of them!)  However, there are a lot of distractions there too.  You have to be careful.  But the good news is as of today I have done some Facebook Spring Cleaning.  The "delete" button can be your friend.

Lack of journaling - But the biggest reason I have not been blogging much lately is because I have not been journaling.  I've found when I journal I'm more likely to post.  I have tons of ideas all the time for blog content on all of my blogs.  However, I've found if I don't journal, those ideas and thoughts rarely find their way onto my blogs. 

So, as of today I'm recommitting myself to journaling.  Whether it be things the Lord is revealing to me, things the kids are doing that make me laugh (or cry at times) or just random thoughts and ideas.  I will begin journaling more and blogging more.  I will no longer rely just only my short Facebook status updates to communicate with the online world.  (Of course my posts will show up on my FB profile page!)

I've often told people that for me writing and reading is like breathing.  I've not been doing as much of either as I'd like recently.  No wonder I feel so short of breath!


Tanya said...

Yeah! Glad to have you back blogging :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

You sound busy!

Happy blogoversary!

Pastor Andy said...

Hey Angela,
I understand about the piling up of busyness, and yes, I also understand about time flying by while on Facebook, lol.

Hey, I'd like to invite you to my new ministry-based blog:
I've also got a link to another ministry blog that I keep up that I think you'd enjoy.

-Your brother in Christ Jesus.

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Nelson Muntz said...

I'm glad to have found this great blog!

I'll keep coming back and see what's new!

keep the good job.