Friday, May 21, 2010

Friendship with an All-Knowing God

Below is an excerpt and link to my third submission as a guest poster at S.U.M. this month for the series Friendship with God.  I've also include a link to a post written by Dineen this week for the series.  These are all wonderful and it is amazing how God is working through each of us to create one cohesive series.  We truly serve an Amazing God!

Friendship through Confession

In my first post for this series I mentioned that one of the keys to any friendship is not only knowing the other person, their character, desires and emotions, but also in revealing your own heart to them. Friendship with God is no different. In fact, in order to truly begin to understand Him and His emotions we must first open ourselves up to Him and allow Him to change us. This is done by pouring out our hearts to Him. However, you may wonder, if God is omniscient, why do we need to pour out our hearts to Him? He already knows our desires, emotions, and character. In fact, He probably knows our heart even better than we do, so why go through all the effort? Isn’t it redundant?

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