Thursday, May 25, 2006

eugenic infanticide

Do you know what eugenic inftanticide is? I did not until I read a recent article detailing how in the Netherlands, babies (actually children under 12) can be legally killed in certain situations. Below are a couple articles I came across to read that deal with this horrible practice.

Infanticide and Abortion: fruits of the same tree

Now they want to Euthanize Children

Pushing Infaticide: From Holland to New Jersey

More disturbing, is this has been going on for quite awhile. When doctors recently admitted they've been doing this all along, they were not punished. Instead the new law/guideline was introduced to ensure that they can now do so legally!

When I read things like this going on in this world and know that people are rationalizing away their morals so they are not incovenienced I want to cry. I know God is shedding tears for these innocent lives and I know that this is what Jesus talked about when He said in the end the world will be so full of sin, only catastrophic events will be able to get through the deception they are living in and turn them back to Him.

I look at my precious children (all under 12 and therefore could be euthanized in the Netherlands) and especially my preciouse 3 week old Jesse and can not fathom someone being able to take these lives so callously. How can you explain away taking an innocent life that can not defend itself in anyway! When did we become god in that we can make these decisions as to who should live and who should die!?

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