Friday, July 20, 2007

Church of Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29)

Church of Thyatira (Revelation 2:18 - 29)

* Love & faith
* Service
* Perseverance
* Doing more than before

* Tolerate the Spirit of Jezebel

(It does mention that there are some who do not hold to Jezebel's teachings)

My Notes:
Jesus has some very harsh things to say about the woman Jezebel and what will happen if the church does not repent.

* Cast on a bed of suffering
* Those who comitt adultery with her will suffer intensely
* Will strike her children dead

God searches our hearts and minds.

I've heard of the Spirit of Jezebel before. Originally I had thought it only had to do with sexual immorality, but recently I've been learning this is more of a spirit of control. This makes sense in a way because many use their sexuality as a means of gaining control over others. And I've noticed sexual sins tend to have a greater control over us than any others when we fall into them.

Jezebel was an actual character in the Old Testaement (1 & 2 Kings) who persecuted God's prophets. The evil which possessed her was in existence prior to her, however due to the extent it manifested itself in her, these spirits have become known by her name. This is a spirit which is still very active in the world today and unfortunately seems to be overly present in our country. In some cases the results of this spirit are not only tolerated, they are wholly accepted and encouraged.

Here are a few articles I found regarding the Spirit of Jezebel if you are interested in learning more. Please note, I don't always agree fully with the articles I recommend, however I believe it is good to look into these things and bring them to God in prayer and compare them to His Word. I also believe this is a spirit we all need to be aware of in our world today.

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