Friday, September 28, 2007

Fear of the Lord in the Psalms

Tonight I want to share with you some of the things regarding the Fear of the Lord in the Psalms. I'm paraphrasing what the Fear of the Lord either means or leads to according to the verse and I'm listing the chapter and verse so you can look them up yourself as well.

1. Lack nothing (34:9)
2. Angel of the Lord surrounds and delivers (34:7)
3. The Lord confides in and makes His covenant known (25:14)
4. Great goodness is stored up and bestowed (31:19)
5. They eyes of the Lord are on them (33:18)
6. Salvation is near to them (85:9)
7. He has great love for them (103:11)
8. His love is with them from everlasting to everlasting and His righteousness is with their children's children (103:17)
9. H provides food for them, compassion and grace, He remembers His covenant forever (111:4-5)
10. He will bless them (115:13)
11. He who fears the Lord is blessed (128:4)
12. He fulfills their desires, He hears their cries and saves them (145:19)

This coming weekend I'll also be sharing with you a little bit about a study that a friend of mine is doing and has been gracious enough to share with me. I believe it all ties into what I'm already studying now and I'm very excited about what I'm learning from it! I also have some verses from Proverbs and elsewhere regarding the Fear of the Lord that I think are very meaningful that I'll share.

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