Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Finding Yourself

"Finding yourself" or understanding who you really are will never come from examining yourself.  Looking within yourself, looking at your heart, your surroundings or those you know will not bring true self-understanding or true purpose to your life.

Our identity flows from Him, His heart.  The only way to truly find yourself is to find Him.  Understand Him and His heart and you will truly find yourself! 

Instead of focusing on trying to "find yourself", focus your energies on understanding our God and His heart and He will reveal who you truly are and your purpose.

Jesus = Passionate Bridegroom
Me/You = Cherished Bride

"Intimacy with God is not just an option, but it is the very essence of true Christianity."  ~ Mike Bickle


Lynn said...

amen... girl.. Amen

Anonymous said...

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