Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baggage - Sunday Scribblings

Posted for Sunday Scribblings

Baggage. The first thing I think of is the baggage we all carry around with us. This is the stuff we've collected over the years that makes us who we are. Some of it is good, but most of the time what we refer to as "baggage" is not the good stuff we've collected. It is the stuff that holds up back from being who we really want to be, who God intended for us to be.

While determining what to write for this post today I was reading some of the posts others had already written. (You know, to get the creative juices flowing). One post listed some definitions at the top of their post. Baggage Handler was listed as someone hired by the airport to load and unload baggage. That got me to thinking.

We all have this baggage that we refer to and carry around with us, but how many of us recognize the baggage handler? Through our journey in life, the Lord has hired a baggage handler to unload our baggage from us onto him. Most of us are suspicious of this baggage handler though because he may not fit our idea of a baggage handler and therefore continue to drag along our ever increasing amount of baggage. Others know him but do not fully trust him to care for their stuff. We think we can take care of the baggage better ourselves, even though he is trained to do so.

Anyway, just my thoughts. This week think about trusting that baggage handler (Jesus if you've not yet figured it out) and give him your baggage. He is more than willing and able to unload your baggage.


DuhhhBlond said...

Thank You for your post. I needed to read that.

Last Easter, in Church, a lady was telling us to take our problems to the cross. Every time something upset me, I imagined walking up this hill, toting a large, dirty bundle and laying it at Jesus' feet.. it worked for a while. But I stopped doing it. Thanks for reminding me :)

bonnie said...

Thank you for writing about the 'baggage handler'. I have been reading about "total forgiveness", and how that, in accordance with the 'baggage handler' really helps us to lighten the load. Good post!