Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bella - Movie Recommendation

I had the chance to see the movie Bella for the first time last night (I know, I'm a bit behind the game, but that's what happens with a full-time job and three small kids. Most movies I see anymore are animated!)

I highly recommend this movie. It was beautiful and very powerful.

The movie is about two individuals Jose & Nina. Jose is an ex-soccer player whose future drastically changed when he was involved in a tragic accident. He now works as the head chef at his brother's restaurant. Nina is a young single woman who also works at the restaraunt. At the beginning to the movie she finds out she is pregnant and gets fired in the same day. Jose befriends her for the day as she tries to deal with her situation. The movie follows them for the day and reveals the healing that takes place in both of their lives as a result of this newfound friendship.

If you have not yet seen this movie please do. It is a powerful message about life, compassion and healing.

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