Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drawn from Water - Please Read

A friend of mine recently shared this site with me. He knows someone personally who is involved with this group. I encourage you to read the testimony on this page and watch the video.

Drawn from Water is an organization that has set up an orphanage in Ethiopia for children from the Kara tribe. This is a tribe with a superstition regarding evil spirits. The word Mingi is used by this tribe to describe individuals that are believed to be cursed. Parents in this tribe are required to kill their own children by drowning them in the river if they are labeled as Mingi.

What things make a person Mingi? Many different things but one of the most common is a child whose top teeth come in before their bottom teeth. This tribe believes these children must be killed to rid the tribe of evil which will curse the entire tribe. Some of the children are labeled Mingi before they are even born. Can you imagine carrying a child in your womb who you already love, knowing that soon after the baby is born you will be required by your tribe to drown that precious baby?

This group has set up an orphanage to take in these children so they are not killed. The ages of the children rescued so far are between four months and five years. As I read the post from the YWAM missionary involved in getting this set up I was in tears. As I watched the video at the top of the page I kept seeing my own son's face, he is 4 1/2. I can't even imagine being told that I needed to kill him to keep evil from my tribe.

Please take time to visit this site and consider doing whatever you can to help rescue these precious children. If nothing else, please pass this website on to others so it gets exposure.

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