Thursday, April 09, 2009

Prop 8 Backpedaling?

A friend sent me one of the below articles which desparately saddened me. I've been sitting here debating what to say about it and I must say I'm at a loss for words.

All I know is one of my biggest struggles is learning to please God and not worry about pleasing men. I don't want to needlessly offend men, but I am determined to stand for God's Truth. I think there are many who struggle with this as well and I believe the Church overall (at least in America) is more worried about how it looks in the eyes of men rather than God's view of it.

Now an individual who is highly respected in the Church and is a shepard to many is backpedaling in regards to God's Word. Rick Warren who just weeks before the elections fully and publicly supported Prop 8 and said he recognized marriage to be between a man and a woman has now announced on Larry King Live that he now regrets backing Prop 8.

When such a public and well-respected Church leader backpedals regarding support for God's Truth, it convinces me even more that America and the Church is losing its focus. Our focus should be on Jesus and God's Truth, not the opinion of men.

Warren's backsliding
Rick Warren disavows support for Prop 8
CBN News

Unfortunately for him, many who oppose Prop 8 are also criticizing Rick for his latest statements on Monday. While I and many others see those statements as backpedaling and/or caving into pressure from others, they are seeing it as him lying about his true convictions.

As a sidenote, I will link to Saddleback Church's released statement after Monday's comments. Not sure that I believe this, but I guess I should probably give the benefit of the doubt.

Statement from Saddleback Church

Ok - so I guess I wasn't as such a loss for words!

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