Thursday, October 18, 2007

3 Words

Hey check this out. Becki over at BlogMommas is organizing an activity for Tuesday, October 23rd. Based on a video she saw on Good Morning America Weekend edition (see video below) she is organizing an activity where we can all come up with our own 3 word picture or video. We will post it on our blog on Tuesday and then link to Becki's post. She'll have a Mr. Linky on her site to do so.

This is the original video and can give you some ideas.

If you want to participate here is what she is doing.

1. On Tuesday, October 23, those participating will post on their blog either a picture or a video with 3 words defining their week/life/feelings of the moment.

2. After posting, the participants will go and sign the Mr. Linky with a direct link to their 3 Word post.

3. Participants are so excited that they will go around and visit other participants (blog exposure ) - I know I am excited!

4. Once the day is over she will compile a list of all the links and will submit it along with a letter to Good Morning America and iCaught - you just never know, we could end up on TV for this!

I'm going to participate, won't you? Start thinking of something. It's just three words!

My 3 Word Project is posted on my A Moment in My Life blog. Check it out!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for spreading the word - it's gonna be fun! :)