Saturday, June 24, 2006

Off to Work I Go!

This week was my first back to work since Jesse was born. And the first week officially in my new position.

Part of me dreaded going back, but part of me was excited about some of the projects I knew I would be working on. I had always known that managing others takes up a lot of your time. We used to always joke about how the only way to get your work done is to come in early or stay late when nobody else was around to ask questions or come into your office and complain. I was amazed this week though at how much I did accomplish.

One project I had been trying to get to and finish for six months before I went on maternity leave, I completed and finished the first day back at work.

I still work closely with others but I'm just not responsible for them any longer. It is amazing how much more I look forward to my days at work now. I am actually enjoying my work again!

Now the leaving the baby was not easy. This is the third time I've done this so it was a bit easier. The first day back at work our daycare was on vacation so they stayed home with daddy. That was a bit easier for me, not for him though. The next day they all went to daycare. I am fortunate to have a wonderful daycare who all the children love and consider to be part of the family. That definitely makes it easier, but a part of you still misses that little bundle sleeping in your arms!

Overall, my return to work was successful and happy.

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