Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Up - Things I'm thankful for

I was visiting the Nutter's blog yesterday and he's started his Happy Up posts again and it reminded me how great it was to do this last time. So I've decided to start them again. You can say I'm justing copying him if you want, but I guess if I'm going to copy someone on something, this would be a good one!

Happy Up - First thing is the Happy Up posts. When I start doing this it just makes my day! I start the day looking for those good things so I can post them and that just turns your day around. At work I've told my staff that perspective is reality. For example, you can have a tremendous workload, but if you give off the impression to management that you have time on your hands (ie. long breaks, socializing too much) it will be hard to get management to take you seroiusly when you ask for assistance with your work. Well, this can be positive too! If you start out your day looking for the good stuff, then your "reality" for the day changes dramatically.

Healthy Baby - My two oldest children have been sick recently with a fever. No other symptoms, just a high fever. They are both over it now, but my 7 week old ended up with a 102.8 fever on Sunday night. My husband spent the day with him at the children's hospital on Monday. Because he is so young they wanted to do a bunch of test to ensure it was the same virus my other children had. They took multiple blood samples and even a spinal tap. I'm thankful, it was my husband who went instead of my (sorry, honey!) because I was almost in tears just hearing about what they did. But in the end, it has been confirmed it is just a virus. My baby is a bit sore from all the poking and prodding, but he is healthy!

Sunrise - This morning I was up early because I had to travel to one of our other offices a couple hours away. As I left this morning I noticed the beautiful sunrise. It was just over the horizon and was a huge circle of an almost fushia color. Absolutely beautiful! Makes getting up early not bad at all!

My Job - Since I've returned from maternity leave my job responsiblities have changed. I no longer supervise other employees. I am now only responsible for myself. I still work closely with others in my department on process improvements, projects and audits, however I am only responsible for the projects, not the individuals. It is amazing how much more I've accomplished this last week and a half since I've returned and how much more I enjoy my work!

Starbucks - okay, so I'm a coffee junkie! That is what happens when you grow up in Washington State with parents who have a coffee machine that is on from the moment they get up until the moment they go to bed. I met two other co-workers today on my way to our other office at a Starbucks and while waiting for them treated myself to a Venti decaf nonfat iced White Mocha. Yummy!

Meetings ending early - Our meeting at the other office today was supposed to end at 4PM, but was done by 1:30. Yeah!!!! We were able to easily beat the traffic and I was home by my normal time to see my babies and hubby! Which brings me to. . .

Family - I love having a wonderful family to come home to every night. Even on days like today when the little ones are a bit fussy, it is still wonderful to know that there are three individuals at home waiting for me and that I am their whole world to them right now! And once they are asleep and in bed for the night it is so wonderful and relaxing to watch them sleep.

Bubblebaths & Good Books - My ultimate way to relax! Nothing can beat reading a good book in a nice warm bubble bath. Add a scented candle and something yummy to snack on, and it is a perfect way to end a busy day!

Boy, just writing this has cheered me up even more than I already was. I need to remember to do this more often.

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful things you provide for me and help me to focus on those items instead on the things I dislike. If I'm going to exagerate something in my life, let it be the good!


Ellie said...

Ur site is lovely en intresting
Greeting Ellie (Nederland)

NuttersNotes said...

Take no shame in copying, Ang. Do you think the idea came out of my pea brain? I stole it originally too!!! It's nothing more than a literal way to count your blessings. I HappyUP when I see things like your post. It also means that I have to HappyUP even more as a living example rather than just talk about it.....hmmm....sounds kind of like something we all can do a better job of in our chosen faith as well, doesn't it? LOL

Thanks so much for sharing

PS...if you ever want advanced class in HappyUP, try delving into the "why" each item makes you happy. It's a bit more difficult and by no means required but it is disclosive.