Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mystery - Sunday Scribblings

Posted for Sunday Scribblings.

If I went to bed tonight and had a vision of standing in heaven's throneroom in front of my Lord, what "mystery" would I ask him to reveal to me?

Well, honestly I would probably fall on my face in awe and my brain would be empty of any desires to know any mysteries that intrigue me currently. (Have you ever heard that song "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe?) But, if I was actually able to open my mouth and ask a question instead of singing praises to God I would not ask him about how something works or some other great mystery. My question would be about the future.

I would like to know if and when my beloved husband will come to know the Lord. And I'd like to know how my three precious children will turn out when they are adults. But that would take away all need for faith and hope. Therefore, I guess in the end I would not want to be told this anyway. (I'm someone who does NOT peak at her Christmas or Birthday gifts because it will ruin the surprise!)

I guess my second choices would be to know what heaven will truely be like because I know our imaginations are no where near accurate or grand enough. Or I would want to know what I need to do to ensure I am a good parent and wife. How can I avoid the mistakes I know I'll make in both departments (or have already made!)?

Not real exciting but that would be my "mystery"!

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Kim G. said...

Those are mysteries of heaven are ones I'm looking forward to myself. It's funny, I love to do home makeover kinds of activities, I wonder if we'll be able to rearrange the furniture and paint the walls in heaven? :)
Blessings and thanks for sharing your Sunday Scribble!