Monday, June 05, 2006

Earliest Memory

Written for Sunday Scribblings (one day late!)

My earliest memory is actually just auditory, not visual. When I think back on this I don't remember what house we lived in, the color of the walls in our dining area or even what my father looked like at the time. I just remember his voice and his words.

I don't remember what we were eating at the time, but I was about 4 years old and had something on my plate that I did not want to eat. I was not allowed to get up from the table until my plate was empty. I remember sitting at the table sometimes for hours after the rest of my family was done.

This time I remember my father telling me to eat the things I don't like first and to save the best for last! Although I cannot picture the scene in my head, I do clearly remember his voice and his words and to this day I remember this and live by it. Not only when I'm eating, but in all I do. When I have a list of items to complete for the day, I save the best for last and get the items I dread doing the most done first. You get through things so much faster that way because you have something to look forward to.

I also still do this when eating. I was a daddy's girl growing up and daddy loved Lucky Charms. I do too. When I eat a bowl I eat the cereal first and then save the marshmallows for last. That is me saving the best for last! Of course I then eat the marshmallows by color, but I think that is just the anal accountant in me!

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