Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Scribblings - Bed

Posted for Sunday Scribblings

This week's prompt is "Bed". That's it. Whatever that word brings to mind for us is what we write about. I don't know if it's because we just had a prompt about our earliest memories a couple weeks ago or that I just finished my post for my daddy for Fathers Day, but for some reason the first thing I think of is my first real bed.

It was one of those toddler beds with the sides that go about half way down so you don't fall out. Of course those don't work all that well because as a toddler you end up turned around in your bed or curled in a ball at the end of your bed and then the rails do you no good at all. Luckily, the bed is not very high off the ground.

Mine was painted white and my mother had put nursery rhyme decals on it. The one I remember the most is the old woman in the shoe decal. I loved that bed and felt like such a big girl in it. It was later passed on to my little brother (pictured above).

I now have little ones of my own and have done the toddler bed thing with two of them now. My daughter was so excited when we brought her bed home. She had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor because she had climbed out of her crib one night before we were ready for the transition. We had thought we could at least wait until at least after her 1st birthday, but at about 11 months she climbed right out. It was a few weeks before we found a toddler bed we liked and that was affordable. The first night she was so excited, but she never quite made it into her bed. This is her asleep the first night with her new bed.

This bed has now been passed on to my son (almost 2 years old) when sissy graduated to a twin size bed.

Something else I notice looking at old pictures of my early beds is the weird positions kids sleep in. There is no way I could sleep comfortably like that now. I'd end up with my legs asleep on me and a major kink in my neck. It never ceases to amaze me how little ones sleep in such weird positions and wake up none the worse for it. Have you ever seen a child fall asleep in a car seat? If I fell asleep like that I wouldn't be able to move my head for at least a week!

This picture (along with the naked baby bathtub ones and the one of me with oranges under my shirt at about age four) are the ones that always seemed to make an appearance when mom decided to show my new boyfriends pictures. How embarrasing!

However, as you can see, I've now turned into my mother. I have one of my daughter sleeping like this too! It is just waiting for that first boy to show up at the door. Of course, I think my husband will resort to my father's tactics. He believed embarrasing me was not effective enough. Instead he would decide every gun in the house needing cleaning and would scare the poor boys! I always joke that the only reason I married my husband is because he is the only one that was not afraid of my daddy's guns! In fact, he talked to my dad more that night than he did me.

Well, I guess that is enough walking down memory lane for now. Time to return to present day reality, dirty laundry and all!


AnnieElf said...

Sweet, sweet photos. Mom's are just so good about pulling out the pictures aren't they. I had a chance to do it for the FIRST time this weekend. My 26 year old son's fiance came to visit. Out came the albums but fun was had by all.

hundred and one said...

Ooohhh, those pictures are to die for!!! How cuuuuuuuttttteeeeeee!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Enjoyed your series of images. hilarious.

JavaCurls said...

Incredibly sweet photos! Thanks for sharing!