Monday, May 12, 2008

Character of Daniel

I've mentioned a couple times, that I'm currently studying the book of Daniel right now. I plan to go to Esther next, but I'm still finding nuggets in Daniel. One of the men we consider an "elder" in our house church recently did a sermon at the local House of Prayer regading the character of Daniel.

I highly recommend downloading the podcast and listening to it. There are notes included as well. I think it is a great starting point for diving into Daniel. I believe they only keep the podcasts online for a few weeks though so you may want to download it now even if you can't listen right away.

The Character of End Times Daniel (podcast) - Juan Chapa

The Character of End Times Daniel (notes) - Juan Chapa

The more I read Daniel the more I realize how much we as Christians can learn from his life. The more I read, the greater my desire to become more like Daniel. This sermon has now made me want to go back through Daniel again and start looking for those characteristics that I see in his life that I would like in mine.

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