Saturday, March 17, 2007

He Did It! Potty Time

Okay, so some of you won't care that much, but it is a huge thing for us!

Austin came to me this morning saying he had to go potty. Usually this means we'll spend the time to undress him and put him on the potty, he'll sit there for less than a minute and and say "All done!". Usually there is nothing to show for his efforts, which are usually just him scrunching up his face and trying not to smile.

Today however, he sat down and actually went poo on the toilet. After mommy praised him profusely telling him what a big boy he was, he wanted to get up and see the efforts of his work. I was wondering how that would go over because I still remember the first time Tyler saw her poo in the toilet. She started screaming!

Austin got up, turned around and looked for a second in the toilet. Then he bent down a little and mommy got ready to stop him in case he decided to pick it up. Instead he looked up at me with his big ole dimpled grin and said "Look Mommy! Austin poo'd a hot dog!"
So now I'm hoping it is just a matter of time before we have only one in diapers instead of two! We'll see.

The pictures are ones I took with my camera phone of the proud Austin after the poo'd "hot dogs".


Becky said...

Congratulations!! Moms around the world know how big this is!!

Cindy said...

Two down, 1 to go....I remember those days, even if it has been a long time. Hugs, Mom

About Us said...

HOTDOG! You go Austin!! Love the pic. What a proud moment :-)