Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Tabernacle Experience

Tonight my house church visited a traveling display (for lack of a better term) called the Tabernacle Experience. This is a replica of the Tabernacle Moses was instructed by the Lord to create in Exodus.

I took my daughter with me. It was an amazing experience and even her attention was kept for the 50 minute tour. She actually was able to understand the meaning behind many of the items and relate them back to me after. She said she really enjoyed the experience.

Basically a replica of the Tabernacle was built in a side yard at this church. Most all items are to the exact measurements given in Exodus. Where they are not, it is noted. You get to take a 50 minute self guided tour through the replica. They have a recorded tour that Tyler and I were able to listen to together. You can hook up to three headphone onto the one recording.

The tour consists of ten stations. Each station represents an important part of the Tabernacle including its history, the meaning behind it in Moses' time and how it relates to/points to Jesus.

The ten stations included:

1. The White Linen Garment
2. The Altar of Burnt Offering
3. The Laver
4. The Golden Boards & Silver Bases

5. The Lampstand
6. The Table and the Bread
7. The Altar of Incense
8. The Curtain
9. The Ark of the Covenant
10. The Atonement Cover

Over the next few days, I'll be posting about each of these stations, what I learned and my experience.

If this group comes to your town I highly recommend going. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than I have regarding the original Tabernacle may see discrepancies that I did not, however it was amazing to walk through something that is very similar to what the Israelites would have experienced. It was especially meaningful to me as I've been on a journey to grow closer to the Lord lately by learning more about his chosen people, the Jews and their history, culture and traditions.

If you want to learn more about the Tabernacle Experience and not have to wait for my postings you can visit their website. The Tabernacle Experience. The site includes 5 easy steps to bring the Tabernacle to your church.

Keep visiting to see more on this experience in the next few days!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Angela. I'm going to try and go, too. -Traver

Vicki said...

How very cool!!!