Sunday, March 04, 2007

Snow Time!

Today was Jesse's first experience with the snow. I had to work today (quarter end) so Shaun decided to take a trip to the snow with the kids. Tyler absolutely loved it and he almost had to drag her out of there. She kept looking for bigger hills to take her brand new purple sled down!

Austin just got over a cold and was not quite feeling himself yet, so he was not as excited. Shaun said he kept falling down and would cry each time. He also cried everytime any snow stuck to his gloves. However, he did say he was amazed to see the snow on the way up. Last year I took him with me to Colorado Springs and so he'd been around snow before, but he was just over a year then and I'm not sure he still remembers it. Shaun told me he fell asleep on the way up to the snow today and when he finally woke up, the snow was about 4 or 5 feet high. He said he all of a sudden heard Austin say "Ohh!" and looked back to see him staring out the window with wide eyes.

Jesse loved the snow. Shaun said he just kept grabbing handfuls of snow and stuffing it in his mouth. He said he did not even care about how cold it was and had a "death grip" on his handfuls of snow.

We've decided we need to head up to the snow more often. Next time I'll be able to make it as well and maybe Tyler will let me try out her sled.

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