Thursday, March 01, 2007

Curriculum - What is Appropriate?

I don't usually just link to someone else's posts, however this one I think makes some very good points and it does relate to my family. Our daugther is currently attending private school because we want to have a say in what she is taught and feel we do not have that right with public schools.

It is a bit frustrating when we think about the fact that we are paying taxes for the local public schools AND paying for private school because the state wants to teach our children morals that fly in the face of what we are teaching them. A voucher program as Jodi mentions is a good idea. We are fortunate enough right now to be able to afford to send our daughter to a private school, however once our boys are old enough for school I'm not sure how we'll be able to manage. I'm praying the Lord guides us in how to handle that when the time comes. I know quite a few families who are home-schooling now due to some of these issues.

Jodi has made some really good points regarding a recent ruling in Boston regarding appropriate curriculum. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Appropriate Curriculum - Jodi Cowles

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