Sunday, March 25, 2007

Logic of a Kindergartner

Friday night I made cupcakes for Tyler's Opening Day. With two little ones to keep track of, baking was the thing I could volunteer to do and not have to feel guilty about leaving my poor husband alone with the boys!

I had made chocolate cupcake with white cream cheese frosting which I then decorated with red and blue gel to look like baseballs. I had a couple left over at the end of everything. I had frosted one and wrote A loves S on one. I left it for my hubby.

If you look closely, you can see where the S was.

This morning I noticed the S was gone. Shaun informed me that he had asked our daughter about it and her story was that she had picked it up to smell it. She wanted to know whether or not it smelled like the others had.

In the process of smelling the cupcake her tongue "accidently" touched the S. She told him she did not know what to do because the S came off on her tongue, so she figured she should just eat it.

Personally I don't smell things with my tongue, however that is the logic of a 5 year old. Go figure!


Vicki said...

*LOL* Well I think it sounds logical!!!! Geez, you haven't EVER been smelling things and your tongue accidently touch it???? *LOL* It happens every time I make brownies or pies, or something like that!!! *LOL*

I have a 5 year old daughter too...

Rebecca said...

LOL!!! I needed that laugh, tell your daughter thank you and that I sometimes smell with my tounge too, LOL!!!