Saturday, March 24, 2007

TBall - Opening Day for Pony League

This year Tyler is playing Pony Baseball. She is in the Shetland division and is on the White Sox team. It is really nice because the coach is one of the dads from our house church. Of the three assistant coaches, one is another dad from our house church and another is my uncle. Three of the other kids on the team are from our house church and another is my cousin. We are all just one big happy family!

Today was opening day. What Fun! This morning they introduced all the teams and let them run around the bases in front of everyone. When Tyler runs she looks like a pinwheel. Her arms go round and round and round!

We had our first game after the opening ceremonies. Today we played the Angels which just happened to be coached by the dad of one of Tyler's kindergarten classmates. This is a little boy that Tyler talks about quite often. She was very excited when she found out they were playing each other today. In the last inning (there were only 3) he was playing catcher. When Tyler went up to bat she turned and said something to him and the announcer made a comment about the batter "having words with the catcher." It was pretty funny. Maybe you had to be there. The announcer did not know they knew each other, but we all did.

It is so much fun to watch the kids. They really don't know what they are doing yet, but they have tons of fun! We usually have almost as many "coaches" on the field as kids just to keep them all going where they are supposed to be going. Many think running the bases is a relay race and wait for the person behind them to get to the base before they start running to their base! They don't understand base lines, so when someone actually gets the ball and tries to tag a runner you never know where they will end up. Sometimes they forget where they are supposed to be going!

Our team is really good about throwing to first base, but that is all they really know. If you tell them to throw it anywhere else they look at you funny and then throw to first. You just hope the first baseman is paying attention!

At least today they all ran around the bases the correct way. Nobody hit the ball and then ran to third. It really has happened!

In the third inning Tyler played short stop and actually stopped 3 or 4 grounders. She can almost throw the ball and get it to first base. She also hit the ball really well each time she was up to bat (at this age everyone gets to bat every inning, another reason they only play 3 innings). She can hit the ball as good as any of the boys. It stays in the air and goes pretty far. Even the other coach mentioned that she hits really good!

After our game we stayed around and watched a little of the other games. They had bouncy houses and a cake walk as well that Tyler participated in. All in all it was a fun day, although tiring. We will ALL sleep well tonight.

Tyler & Eve after the game

Pearl & Shawna!
Other Baseball Moms!
And my Friends!

Austin cheering on his Big Sister!


Vicki said...

How sweet!!! I'm hoping my girls will take up a sport of some kind!! Although I'm probably the worst one to try and teach them anything about sports!! *LOL*

Cindy said...

Does Tyler get that mean look on her face like you use to when you played baseball. The boys didn't like to pitch to looked so mean. Hugs, Mom