Friday, January 19, 2007

Between Reason & Recess

McNair Wilson is a person who has inspired me. A few years back he spoke at my little church in Roseville, CA and unfortunately I was not there to hear him. However, someone who knew I was toying with the idea of starting to write again, brought me a CD from that day.

I listened to that CD a couple times and it was the "kick in the pants" I needed. I started writing again and I came alive! I've determined that I was born to write and I live to write. I later heard McNair speak at a writer's conference and after that started visiting his blog, Tea with McNair.

He has started an exercise called Between Reason & Recess which I decided to participate in. The most recent lesson had to do with finding things in your life that you do that could be passed on to someone else who is better than you at them and other ways to eliminate things from your life that can save you time and money. This freeing up of time and money is so you can redirect those resources to what you are good at. We should be spending our time and efforts on those things we love and excel at.

This lesson is Lassie Get Help!

For this lesson we were to identify items we could change. In the first column are three things I currently do (the lesson required that you NOT write these out). The second column is things I can do to save money and time in order to redirect my efforts.

Here is my lesson . . .


McNair Wilson said...

Angie, Love your list. Your drawing is great. Make a t-shirt of it to remind you to keep at it.

I posted a comment in response to your comment to "Lassie Get Help" on my blog site. Go there now, in a minute.

Thanks, too, for the big boost in your blog about my blog. When can I come and play with your kids? Do you have a dog or dogs? That's gravy when I get to play with kids and a dog!

Paint on, friend!

Traver said...

Angela, that's so crazy. I would have never pictured you doing stuff with McNair. Scott Nutter, yes :-). You, no. But I must say, McNair is one cool dude. Don't you luv thinking *[]? (*[] means "outside the box"...I made it up, just now ;-)

Ang said...

McNair ~ As a matter of fact, I do have a dog. She is a little Shih Tzu who is about 9 years old and is starting to go blind, but she still loves to play and loves the kids.

You are welcome to come over any time. We are always looking for babysitters :)

Traver - Every once in awhile, even I can surprise you huh! I like your new *[]. I must say that is pretty creative!