Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy UP - Day 3

Nutter is right! This does get easier as you do it!

1. Efficient at work
The busiest time of the month at work starts for me tomorrow. A lot of information I wait on others for was sent early this month end, so I was able to start on a lot of things today. I had a to do list for myself today and I was able to get it all accomplished as well as a few extra things! This is a Happy UP because it makes me walk away from the day feeling like I got a lot accomplished and more importantly it means I should be able to finish up earlier in the next few days. That means more time with my family.

2. Good book and a bubble bath
This is my favorite way to relax and I had time today to take a nice warm bubble bath and to enjoy a good book. This is always a Happy UP!

3. Honest Friends
As I blog tonight, American Idol is on the TV. This is the beginning of the show when they do the auditions and bring in the best and worst. I must say that watching this makes me very thankful and happy that I have family and friends that are honest with me. I know the limits of my singing abilities, however if I was ever to delude myself that I was good, they would set me straight. God loves my voice because I'm his creation, but my voice is not one of the blessings he gave me to share with others!

Are you doing your Happy UPs?

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