Saturday, January 20, 2007

Charlotte's Web

I had some free tickets for the movie theater, so I decided to spend some one on one time with my daugther and take her to the movies. We decided to go see Charlotte's Web.

I must say they did a great job on this movie. I remember reading this book when I was young and watching the cartoon version multiple times.

The story line for the movie was true to what I remember of the original AND I was impressed with how they animated the animals. In the past many movies I've seen you can tell someone has manipulated the film of the animals with a computer to make it appear they are actually doing the talking. I really did not notice that at all in this movie and was able to enjoy it without thinking "that looked weird" the whole time.

I definitely recommend this movie as something for the family to enjoy or for anyone who cherishes this story from their childhood. They also added many humorous lines that flowed well with the story.

I give it a "Go See It" rating! And my five year old daughter, seconds that.

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