Monday, January 29, 2007

Current (or soon to be ) Reads

If you are interested, here are some current reads for me or in some cases books that I'm getting soon and looking forward to reading.

The Minor Protection Act
by Jodi Cowles

This is a fiction book that so far is really good. In the first couple chapters the parents of a young girl who commits suicide are on a mission to stop what they consider a hate crime. They had determined from their daughter's personal journals she had been struggling with her sexuality. She had "discovered" in junior high that she was gay and in high school had become friends with a Christian boy. The boy was a friend to her and loved her, but was honest about how he felt about her lifestyle. This filled her with confusion and despair which led to her suicide. The boy was charged with a hate crime and is serving a 15 year sentence and the parents have hired a law firm to pass what has become known as the Minor Protection Act. Since they say the boy may have been a productive member of society if it had not been for his parent's 'systematic poisoning of his brain since birth' they say the parent's are ultimately responsible. Therefore, this act would allow children to be reomved from homes in which parents are "hateful, intolerant and bigoted" (too Christian).

I'm not all that far into the book yet, but so far it is very good and thought-provoking.

Restoration: Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples
by D. Thomas Lancaster

I have not yet obtained this book, but will have it come this weekend. I am really looking forward to reading it and know at least one person who has read it already and has only good things to say about it. It is basically an introduction to Torah in simple and easy to understand terms. Check out more information on this book at First Fruits of Zion - Restoration As I start to read this one, I'm sure I'll be sharing some of the information I learn.

Another book from this website that I am interested in is King of the Jews: Recurrecting the Jewish Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying my book so far. I'd love to hear what you think of it when you're done.

Jodi Cowles