Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gossiping the Gospel

This year we are homeschooling our daughter with the help of a three day a week co-op. One of the books which is part of her curriculum this year is called Window on the World. This books is divided up into people groups which includes countries (India, Lobi, Samoa etc) and groups of people (Children on the Streets, Gypsies, etc). Each section is two pages and tells you a little bit about that people group and gives ideas of how to pray for them, including things to thank God for and things to ask God for related to these people.

This week we read the introduction and two people groups; Children of the Streets and Gypsies. The Children of the Streets section brought me to tears and the compassion I saw in my daughters eyes was amazing. After going through this group I could see her heart go out to these children and she realized how thankful she was for her family.

Tonight we read about the Gypsies. There was one item towards the end of the page that really resonated with me.

Gypsy evangelist Tom Wilson said, "We Gypsies are a nation of evangelists, we can't help gossiping the gospel."

Then in the prayer section one of the prayer points is to fill Gypsy Christians with love and joy and the readiness to always "gossip the gospel."

There is so much gossiping that goes on in our world. I thought this was just a high school thing but I've come to realize that we humans never outgrow this habit. I see it just as much at work and everyday life as I did in high school. And to be honest, I am a part of it more often than I would like to admit. I realize it is wrong and I deem that I will not do it any longer, but still I find myself sometimes participating before I even realize what I'm doing!

So this hit me as a novel idea. Obviously as humans gossiping is something we relish, so if we are going to do it - why not gossip about the gospel!

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