Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pointing Fingers

The Democrats are pointing fingers at the Republicans. The Republicans blame it on the Democrats. McCain says it is Obama's fault, while Obama points right back to McCain. And everyone seems to be pointing the finger at Bush. All the while our country is falling apart, the stock market had the lowest drop in points ever yesterday according to one newsreport I watched this morning.

Some will say it does not matter whose fault it is, we just need to fix it. Normally I would agree, but this time I think the only way to "fix" our country is to get to the root cause of the problem. That means pointing the finger where it really needs to be pointed.

What is the root cause of all our nation's troubles? GREED! One word can sum it all up and one word points the finger at everyone of us. I think it is time to be very blunt and no longer sugar coat things. We are a self centered and selfish nation. We want what we want and we want it NOW! At all levels this is what happened. The top guys loosened regulations and guidelines that were setup to protect us so they could make some money. Those of us at the bottom, were greedy and wanted our "stuff" now even though it did not make logical sense for use to do so. Did not matter if we really could not afford it, the bank says we can! (And yes, I'm pointing the finger at myself here! I'm just as guilty!)

Now we are trying to pass a bail-out plan. The Democrats say there needs to be more regulation, the Republicans say the Deomocrats are turning us into a Socialist country. In the end, we are still doing the same thing. We are being selfish and greedy, pointing the fingers at others. Wanting to be bailed out of our mistakes with no harm to ourselves. Who really cares about anyone else.

Greed and selfishness is not a government problem. It is not a political problem (it crosses all lines and parties!), it is not a social problem, it is not even an economic problem. It is a SPIRITUAL problem. And the only way to solve a spiritual issue is to go to the Lord in repentence. We need to be dropping to our knees in prayer, repenting of our sins and asking the Lord for guidance and wisdom in how to move forward.

I read the stories in the Old Testament about the Israelites and I'm amazed at how fast they could turn away from God. I think "How stupid were they! I would never do that!". I'm wrong. I have done that, we all have. We have turned from God as a nation and chosen to do things our way. Now our nation is falling apart. We need to learn a lesson from the Israelites. When they finally opened their eyes to sin they would fall on their faces before a Holy God and repent. We need to do the same. Will you join me? Repent of our Greed and then ask the Lord to give guidance to our leaders and discernment in how to heal this nation.

Dear Lord,

We come to you and repent of our greed and selfishness. We repent of thinking that we could do things our own way. We acknowledge your Sovereignty in our lives and in our nation. Please open the eyes and hearts of our leaders (and ours as well!). Please give them wisdom and discernment in what is needed to heal this nation, but most of all to heal our lives, our hearts. That is the beginning of healing the nation, the healing of our hearts and lives. We thank you that you are a mericful and gracious Lord who loves us unconditionally. We come to you and ask that you have Your Way with our lives and with this nation.

In Jesus' precious Name,

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