Saturday, September 13, 2008

Personhood Amendment

Today I received an email regarding a post from Eternal Perspectives, a blog by Randy Alcorn, an author for whom I have a high regard. The post was called Sarah Palin, Experience, and Video from Colorado for Equal Rights.

The post itself is very good and I agree with his points of view. If you have some time to check out the post, please do so.

What really touched me though was the video at the end regarding the Colorado Personhood Amendment that is being put on the ballet. This would change the state constitution to reflect that a baby from fertilization is a person and should therefore enjoy equal rights with the rest of us and deserving of protection.

Colorado for Equal Rights Personhood Amendment from Personhood USA on Vimeo.

I found this so encouraging and I just had to praise the Lord for this 19 year old who has chosen to make a stand for Life. I support her 100% and am praying this will pass in 2008. And from there I pray this will catch like wildfire and spread across our nation. This gives a clearer view of what the ProLife/ProChoice argument is really about. It is NOT about a choice, it is about a LIFE!!!!!

Visit the Personhood 08 - Equal Rights for Colorado website for more information.


Diana Hsieh said...

Are you willing to punish a woman with the death penalty or life in prison for aborting a non-viable ectopic pregnancy? To ban the birth control pill and IUD? To ban in vitro fertilization?

If you're not, then you shouldn't support Amendment 48. Those would be the real-life consequences granting fertilized eggs full legal rights. To kill or harm a fertilized egg would be a criminal offense under Colorado law, regardless of the circumstances.

The fact is that Amendment 48 is deeply, profoundly anti-life. For the details, read "Amendment 48 Is Anti-Life: Why It Matters That a Fertilized Egg Is Not a Person," an issue paper by Ari Armstrong and myself. It's available for download at:

The evangelicals of Colorado have no right to force their personal religious faith on the rest of us -- just as Muslims have no right to force Christians to pray to Allah five times per day.

Please rethink your support for Amendment 48.

Diana Hsieh
Founder, Coalition for Secular Government

Ang said...


I appreciate your comment and concern, however in the end I must answer to a higher authority than that which is currently on this earth. The Lord created us with the freedom to choose. We can choose to love and follow Him because He loved us first, or we can choose to do things our own way.

I agree we can not force our religious beliefs on others, nor can we force ANY beliefs we have on others, due to this choice our Creater has endowed us with. Your belief that a fertilized egg is not worthy of protection should not be forced on me either. Your belief that my beliefs about the Creator of the Universe should not affect my politics should not be forced on me either. Your beliefs affect your politics just as much as my beliefs affect my politics. There is no difference, you just choose to label mine as "religious" and therefore discount them.

But in the end, these "beliefs" really don't matter. This is not a matter of choice or beliefs, it is a matter of murdering a living human being. Even science has confirmed that a fertilized egg is a living being. No matter how much we may want to ignore that fact or brush it under the rug, it does not change it. No matter how much someone may want to believe that this is not true and that this is an issue of choices, it does not change the Truth.

I stand by my support of this Amendment.


Carla said...

Standing with you Ang.