Friday, September 26, 2008

What is it all about? Part 2

So I come back to the same question. What is it really all about? First, what is it NOT about?

It is NOT about Religion!

It is NOT about Church!

It is NOT about Christianity!

What it is about is a relationship. A true and full relationship with God our Creator, through His Son, Jesus Christ who died for us and defeated death.

So simple, yet we make it so complicated. Why?

I think it is because we don't truly understand what it is to be in relationship with someone.

Even our closest and best relationship falls horribly short of what our Father desires for us.


I pray that you open my heart to what a true relationship with you entails. Sweep away any preconceived notions of what this may or may not look like. Show me how to openly and honestly communicate with you. How to fully know you. Put within me that desire to pursue a full relationship with you regardless the cost. Teach me what being in communion with you really is in all its glory and wonder. I desire to know you fully. Fan that flame into an all-consuming fire.

In the name of your precious Son,


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