Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why ProLife?

Randy Alcorn has written a book called Why Prolife? which I highly recommend. He is currently offering it in a free pdf downloadable file at his website Eternal Perspectives Ministry.

I highly recommend everyone download and read this, regardless of your current beliefs. In Randy's own words:

Though I'm a Christian, I don't make many arguements from the Bible in this book. (I've done that elsewhere.) The case I present is grounded in medical science and reliable psychological studies. These sources should be as credible to any truth-respecting agnostic as they are to Christians. Indeed, many non-Christians oppose abortion.

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Tanya said...

I am currently in the middle of a great Bible study called "Abortion" by RC Sproul. I HIGHLY recommend this 6 part study as he covers the three perspectives of today's argument; government, God's Word and science.

At the beginning of the study he asks for the participants to leave their feelings, biases and views at the door and to fully engage into this study with him. As someone who was pro-choice and chose abortion, and now fights fervently for the pro-life side, I believe both sides can respect this study and see the real, truthful side of what abortion really is.