Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 Quick Takes - (Vol. 1)

Jennifer over at Conversion Diary is starting a weekly 7 Quick Takes Mr Linky post - I love the idea of sharing 7 random things that I've thought about this week but either are not worthy of a full post or I have just not been able to post about yet. So here is volume 1 of the Ang4him 7 Quick Takes!

~ 1 ~

November is National Adoption Month. Someone at work sent out an email this week about this - I had never even heard of it before. It is also known as Orphan Awareness Month and Celebrate Adoption Month. I think this is wonderful!!

To find out ways you can celebrate adoption visit the National Adoption Awareness Month website. Some other good sites to visit to learn more about adoption include:

~ 2 ~

Along the same lines - I heard about this yesterday and thought it was pretty amazing.

This church has started a program to match up parents who are interested in adopting with parents who have extra embryos due to fertility treatments. I have mixed feelings regarding fertility treatments, so this warmed my heart to hear about it. From what I heard this is the first church to set up a ministry such as this and it is only the 4th organization to offer this type of service.

The have a page of requirements which I read over and I was encouraged to see that their program does not allow for embryo reduction. They sincerely believe that every embryo is a human life.

~ 3 ~
I know every year someone says something about this but I just have to ask - what is with the Christmas ads popping up the day after Halloween? And what is up with Christmas lights popping up on people's homes already? Seriously, I drove by a house this last Sunday that had their Christmas light and decorations out already and lit up!

~ 4 ~

This past couple couple weeks I've seen and experienced first hand how many indivduals who cry out the most about intolerance and hate are often the ones exhibiting more intolerance and hate than those they are protesting about. And many times they don't even see it! What is more - I realized if I'm honest, I've been in their shoes before.

~ 5 ~
Homeschooling is so fun and I have even learned a thing or two. Today we were doing our history lesson and I learned about how our ABCs where invented. In the beginning there were 22 letters. A was alpha and B was beta - so instead of saying they were learning their ABC's they would say they were learning their alpha beta which is where the word alphabet comes from. Amazing what you can learn when you go through 2nd grade again!

~ 6 ~

Today we also learned about the kings of the Jews. When we talked about Solomon and God coming to him in a dream and asking him what we wanted (wisdom being Solomon's choice) - my daughter told me what she would have asked for from God. She leaned over and whispered to me "I would have asked for a kitten and a baby sister." Wow - I think I need to push Shaun to go get tested to make sure the surgery he went through after Jesse was born worked!

~ 7 ~

So here it is - me introducing officially on this site a book that I'm reading now. It is prompted me to start my new blog - Thankful Heart. It is called Created to be His Helpmeet.

My aunt gave it to me to read and warned me that it had offended her in some parts. So I knew it would most definitely offend me - but I'm determined to be a wife that is honoring to my husband and my God - so I decided to read it.

I have a friend who decided to read it as well and we are planning to discuss it together. She told me to check out the comments left on Amazon - basically it seems people either love this book or hate it. They either think this books is a huge blessing to their marriage or they think it represses women.

So far I have nothing but good things to say about it. I can definitely see where some people may get offended by the book and believe it represses women though. If I had been given it to read even a year ago I probably would have said the same thing. No - I take that back - I KNOW I would have said the same thing!

Sometimes when I think my walk with God is a failure I just look back over the past year and I know that He's been here all along guiding me and helping me to grown. What an Amazing God we serve!


Jennifer F. said...

I just found your site in my referrals - love your quick takes! Also, thanks for reminding me about the National Adoption Month website -- I'd heard something about that but had forgotten.

(I'll have one of those "Mr. Linky" lists up tomorrow on my Quick Takes post -- be sure to add a link to this to share your post with others as well.)

Lynn said...


Loved this post and I agree with you that I look back over the last year and see such amazing growth in myself. Isn't that so cool. The Lord allws us to see our progress to encourage us more.

Thank you. Have a great weekend. Hugs.