Monday, November 10, 2008

Confusion - How to pray for our nation?

Lately I've read so many emails, blog posts and articles about how we should react to Obama now becoming our president (and I've posted some of my own!). There are so many differing opinions among those who did not vote for him.

On one hand I know God's Word tells me to pray for him. I know I should pray for him, his family and his administration. Pray that he will turn an ear to God and rely on Him for direction, wisdom and discernment when making decisions on behalf of our nation. Pray that he is surrounded by godly men who also rely on the Lord's wisdom instead of the wisdom of men.

However, another part of me truly believes he is in office because God has given this nation over to their evil desires. He is in office because Jesus' Bride, the Church, has grown lethargic and has chosen compromise over God's Truth. I look at Obama's stand on issues such as religious beliefs in politics, marriage and abortion (in his own words) and I believe our nation has been blinded. As I recently overheard - "we have voted for death".

So, if Obama is in office because God has given us (this nation) over to our evil desires, if in a way he is judgment from the Lord on an unfaithful nation, should I still be praying for blessing on him and this nation?

I believe the answer is yes, God still wants us to pray for Obama and our nation. But we need to do much more than pray for favor and blessing though - we must pray for mercy and grace and nationwide repentance. We must go down on our knees in intercession for this nation and it's leaders (Obama included).

I'm praying that through all that is to come, God's Bride, the Church, will wake from her slumber and rise up to stand beside her Bridegroom in Truth. That we will clearly see God's Truth and have the strength and courage to boldly strive for that Truth. That we will unashamedly proclaim that Truth in love.

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Lynn said...

Ang, So agree, We need to pray for the people of this nation to fall face down and beg God for mercy.

Excellent. As always.