Sunday, November 23, 2008

Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) attacked in Castro District

I had recently been told there was recently a violent incident in San Francisco related in some way to Prop 8, but try as I might I could not find it on any news media, searching for San Francisco Prop 8 violence (the only information I had at the time). I have now been informed more about this incidence.

I am familiar with JHOP (Justice House of Prayer) in San Francisco and know they are a group of mostly young adults with a heart for God and sharing His love with others. They have been regularly meeting on a public sidewalk in the Castro district for months to worship and share God's love with others with no incident. However, their first meeting after the passing of Prop 8 turned violent.

I'm not going to repost it all here, but please take time to read the following post about the incident. Kingdoms in Conflict: Castro District Mob Assaults Christians. Here is another post which includes video of the testimony of one of the JHOP individuals who was there - Joel's Trumpet.

Apparently there was a little bit of news coverage but it was grossly in error and only interviewed individuals from one side of the story. My purpose for posting this though is not to necessarily point out the violence from the gay community in this particular incident. Unfortunately I have heard about violence on both sides of this debate and it saddens me on all counts.

Reading about this, watching the parts of the incident caught on tape and discussing this with others brought two thoughts to mind for me.

1. This is not the end of the violence against those who stand for God's Truth and this will not be the only issue that will draw that violence. God's Word is very clear what things will be like in the end. For those who stand for God's Truth and walk His path it will only get worse. We must start to prepare ourselves for that now.

2. Our response in all of this MUST be Love. God is calling us to persevere through what is to come in His Strength and our response is to show others (including and most importantly those attacking us) His LOVE. God has called us to be a reflection of the Light. That Light is Jesus Christ and His Love for all of humanity. That is the only thing that will soften hearts to the Lord, God's Love.

I pray that when/if I am ever in a similar situation that my reaction will be the same as those JHOP individuals who chose forgiveness and prayer instead of pressing charges which per our current law they had every right to do.

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