Saturday, November 01, 2008

Must Read Post - Future of Abortion under Obama

I read this post today on Randy Alcorn's blog. Please take the time to read it and to watch the video - although, I will warn you it is extremely graphic (it warns you prior to showing these images as well.) It is long (the post and the video) but it is very worth the time and gives some really good information regarding Obama's stance on abortion.

Pre-Election Final

I only was able to watch about half and then had to stop watching until towards the end when the graphic images stopped because I was sobbing and was so sick to my stomach and sick in my heart.

My daughter had sat down next to me as I started watching the video, but when the warning came on I asked her to go get ready for bed before I watched that part of the video (she is only 7). She understands the basics of what abortion is but she is too young to be exposed to these types of images in my opinion. When she came back in she asked me why I would watch a video that would make me cry. I told her that sometitmes we need to watch something that will make us cry so our heart will become more involved. If we don't see what is really going on and involve our hearts in it, it is too easy to ignore the problem and not work to change it.

I am still sooo amazed that anyone can call abortion a choice and not see it as the taking of an innocent life. However, I also realize when I was a teenager, I would have given the standard pro-choice line if anyone had asked me about abortion (in fact I think I did just that a few times). At that age I had no idea nor had put any thought into what it really was. I don't understand how anyone could really think this through and watch a video such as this and still casually dimiss the killing of innocent, defenseless babies as a "Choice".

The actor in the video (popular Mexican actor and producer Eduardo Verastegui) makes a point at the end that really struck me. He says - "if a President is not willing to defend the most innocent of his own country, which are the baby's in their mother's wombs, then my question is, who is he willing to defend?"

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