Sunday, November 09, 2008

Give Me Your Eyes

I keep hearing this song on the radio and it speaks to me. God has been speaking to me lately about seeing and praying for those who I would normally not give a thought to or who I would normally show anger or bitterness towards. You know, those people you come in contact with who have wronged you in some way and now if you are honest you don't see them as a person any longer. You just see them as someone to hold a grudge against. I know this song is more about those who we usually just don't "see" as we walk by them in daily life, but I think we can just as well apply it to those we do see, but through eyes of contempt.

In two particular situations this past week God has shown me the humanity of someone I would normally not see as a "real" person.

One was our president-elect. I did not vote for him and I have some major issues with his policy. This makes it very easy to forget that he is a person just like me. In the past it would have been easy to do to him what many do to President Bush now because he stands for so many things in direct opposition to what I hold dear. But I committed to pray for him and through that God has been showing me the humanity of Obama. I may not agree with him on certain things, but he is still a human being. He is a father and a husband - just like my own wonderful husband. God has shown me the importance of not losing sight of this.

The other(s) were the individuals which I wrote about yesterday. Normally I would see them only as hateful individuals who have attacked me. People to loathe and despise. But as I mentioned yesterday God started to revel to me that they are just lost individuals filled with hate and bitterness. Very much the way I was at one time.

It is so easy when someone hurts us or makes us angry or does not agree with us to dismiss their humanity. It is easy to see the humanity in those who agree with us, but to deomonize those who we do not see eye to eye with. God does not want us to do this. He sees us clearly through all our sin and still loves us. He wants us to see others the way He sees them - through his eyes of love. But we can only do this through His power and strength.

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes lyrics

Lyrics Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes lyrics

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