Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Tea with McNair today got me to thinking about inspiration in my life. I've always wanted to write, but until about a year ago, I've not been pursuing my dream for almost 10 years. It was actually a talk from McNair that a friend gave me which inspired me to start writing again.

Now my inspiration comes from God. He does this in many ways (McNair was the first way!) Now He works through my family and friends. Especially my children.

Have you ever noticed how creative children are? They put no boundaries on their creativity, they don't think about it before they draw, write or do whatever else it is they are doing to be creative. They just ARE!

My daughter just wrote a letter to Santa this week. She wrote part of it herself and then had me type the rest of it for her. She just started talking and I started typing. At first the perfectionist (accountant) side of me wanted to correct her grammar, but then I realized that was not my "job". I was just supposed to be her hands because hers had gotten tired (she's five and writing still takes a lot of effort for her.) Her thoughts jumped from one thing to another, but I had so much fun just typing whatever she said. I've shared a bit of her letter below.

She also drew a picture for Santa which I scanned and am attaching. Enjoy and try sitting down and being creative with no boundaries. Actually don't "try", just sit down and let it happen. You may be surprised at what happens.

Dear Santa,

My mommy is typing the rest of my letter, because my hands are getting tired. I would like a new Bible, purple please.

Sometime I would like to see your reindeers and your sled.

Did you like the chocolate cookies I gave you last year? What kind would you like this year? Do you want chocolate milk again? Do you want peanut butter cookies?

I would like to see Mrs. Santa too. I also want to know where your house lives at. What state are you in?

I think Austin would like a blue teddy bear like mine. He needs a blue heart in his bear too. I want the bear filled up with fluffy because bears need that. Please check if there is a noise in the
teddy bear.

Jesse has enough toys now. Just new baby toys for him, big ones, but not giant ones.

I want to know what your house looks like. What color is it?

I also want to know how your reindeer fly up in the sky.

I want to see your elves too. Elves is a hard word to say.

When you come to our house I would like you to see the pictures around our house and in our bathroom and in my bedroom. But don’t look in the washroom because it is not all done.

And I want to tell you that I can see really good in the dark.

And I want you to look at the new car we have. It is called a SUV, it is called a Tahoe or a truck or anything you want except a van. Mommy and Daddy don’t like when you call it a van. They do not like vans.

Can I please have a camera because I don’t have a real one. Thank you for the presents last year.


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Tanya said...

What a precious display of Tyler's heart! Thanks for sharing with us, Ang.

During this Christmas season I have managed to stay focused on Christ, but from the holiday bliss perspective I've been a little sad. I expected the politically correct "Happy Holidays" because of its introduction last year. And the non-stop emails and catalogs crowding my space. But the struggle to keep out the commercialism from my eyes and mind has darkened the simple pleasure of the season.

As an adult I miss the excitement and awe I had when I was younger during Christmas. Reading Tyler's letter and seeing her picture has sparked my excitement again. Thank you Jesus for the children - precious blessings for us all!