Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Studies - Jewish Roots & Holy Spirit

Just a warning to some of you out there and a hello since I've not posted for a few days after a 24 day straight stretch of posting at the beginning of the month.

The Lord is leading me into two main subjects of study in the upcoming year. With my church house I'll be studying the Holy Spirit. This is an area we've been very interested in lately and have already done a lot of learning on. We want to dive in deeper to get to know Him better and His role in the Bible and a Christian's life.

On my own I'll be studying the Jewish roots of Jesus. Basically I'm interested in learning more about the original Hebrew of the Old Testament and Jewish culture during biblical times. In the past I've been interested in the Feasts of the Lord, but now I'm interested in diving deeper.

Therefore, my posts will probably be reflecting this study in the upcoming months. Just wanted to let everyone know where this blog is most likely to go in the next year.

I believe the Lord is getting His people ready for some major changes in the next year and this has been confirmed by others as well. I'm getting ready for a wild ride in the next year, are your ready to come along?

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Johnny said...

This is a very exciting and life changing subject that you are about to embark upon.

Don't be afraid of where it may lead, as God is doing amazing things with His people today as He is bringing the Jews and Christians back together after 2000 years of separation.

I am very excited about your blog.

Grace and peace,