Monday, December 18, 2006

Pursuing Truth through God’s Eyes

I’ve been going through a huge learning curve lately in my relationship with the Lord. He is opening my eyes to many things. One thing I’m very interested in is seeing things the way He does and this is leading to a desire to understand the Jewish roots of Christianity that are too often forsaken.

Jesus was a Jew and celebrated the Feasts of the Lord, not the traditional holidays we as a “Church” now do. The Jewish culture was (and is) very different from our modern day culture in the U.S. The more I study and pursue the things of the Lord, the more I realize how my culture and the traditions I have been taught all my life, color the way I interpret God’s Word.

In my pursuit of God recently I’ve been exposed to many things and thoughts that have made me question my beliefs and traditions. I’m learning this is a good thing. Either I adjust my current view to be in line with what God is teaching me or I become stronger in my current beliefs by having to work through why I believe what I do and using scripture to support these beliefs. However, many times I’m thrown into a downward spiral of confusion before I arrive at one of these destinations. This is very uncomfortable for me. I’m someone who likes to have answers!

Last night I was praying that in these things God would reveal the Truth to me and I heard Him speaking to me, asking whose Truth I wanted revealed? Did I want the truth that would make me comfortable with my current lifestyle and beliefs, or was I willing to have Him show me Truth through His eyes? That is when I realized that although Truth is absolute, we often see Truth through the eyes of things other than our Lord. I’m asking Him that He shows me His Truth through His Eyes and give me the heart and will to accept and embrace that Truth. Even if the result is a fog of confusion over my heart and mind, my ultimate destination is His Truth as He sees it and I know His light will shine through that fog if I just push on and continue to search for it.

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Johnny said...


I went through a semilar confusing and fearful time when I first began to study the Hebraic perspective of Jesus and the gospels. The result has been a powefully new and exciting faith.

Keep searching.

In His dust,