Friday, February 16, 2007

3 Things I am Most Thankful For

Okay, I'll play along. Rebecca tagged me and I can't say no :)

However, the three things I am most thankful for are the three she listed (in the same order too):
1. Jesus
2. My wonderful Husband
3. My three beautiful children

Therefore, to kick it up a bit I'll list the three things (other than these) that I'm most thankful for today.

1. God's protection over my family
Since I did not have to work today, I told my hubby he could stay home and get some work done and I would take the kids to school (my Tyler and two other children who also attend). On the way I was rear ended. Everyone is fine and my vehicle (a Tahoe) does not have too much damage. Unless you look real close you can't even see the damage, but Shaun said it appears the bumper did get pushed up under the vehicle a little so it may be a bit more than we originally thought. The other car though (a mini-cooper) had to be towed away. I was stopped and he was not going very fast, but the front of his car hit my hitch and smashed in the front of his car pretty good and put a hole in what was left of his hood. He was very nice though and immediately admitted it was his fault and his insurance company has already called me to start the process of getting my vehicle fixed. It just shook us all up a bit and made me very thankful I had traded my car in for the Tahoe and that I have a mighty God watching over me and my family.

2. My Friends
I am so thankful for all the blessings God has given me through my friends. The Lord has been teaching me a lot lately and one thing is how much I need to let others into my life and allow them to help me. I don't always have to be the strong one and it is okay to let others help me. I've learned how to ask for prayer more now when needed and not feel bad about it (at least most of the time). I've found lately that I have wonderful friends who really do care for me, because of me. They just plain like me, no matter how hard that is for me to believe sometimes! And I love them all dearly. Many of them I truely consider to be family!

3. My Family
(Okay, so I'm cheating. This is Rebecca's #2 and 3 combined) One of the things that I'm most thankful for is my family. My hubby and three precious children mean the world to me. Yes, they all annoy me at times and I have days I just want to grab the keys and drive off for awhile. But I know I would start missing them in a very short time and come running back. I can't imagine my life without them.

So now that I've fulfilled my tag (and technically a Happy Up for today too!) It is my turn to pass it on. Hmmm?!? I tag Tanya and Johnny! I know you both read this periodically so you can just comment when you'd like. :) And since I usually go overboard on everything I tag Julie (haha) and Chrissy as well. Now you can do the Happy Up, Chrissy!

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Rebecca said...

Praise God! I'm so glad you are ok!

I loved your #3 - sometimes mine annoy me too, LOL!!!! But I still love them more than words can say. :)

Have a blessed weekend!